Size Guide

Petit Barcelona handmade Spanish Avarca sandals are designed to accommodate narrow, average and wide fitting feet.

The key is finding the right size to fit the length of your foot, and then choosing a leather that will best accommodate the width of your foot. 


Foot Length

To ensure you have the right fit, please measure your feet length (both feet) and use the guide below to best determine the size. If you are half a size or one foot is larger than the other, we recommend buying the smaller size to ensure a firmer fit. 


Foot width

Petit Barcelona shoes fit a standard width. They are handmade with the highest quality Spanish leather and no synthetic blends or compositions are included in our leathers. Therefore as it is a natural product, it will, over wear, give slightly and mould to the shape of your feet. We recommend the following leathers as a guide for ensuring a good fit:

Narrow feet
Choose thicker leathers such as Nubuck´s, Glitters and Box Calf.

Wide feet
Choose thin leathers such as Suedes and Pony Hair.


Returns Policy

To ensure you have the smoothest experience in purchasing your new Petit Barcelona shoes, we offer free returns on your first order, and will ship the exchanged pair to you free of charge. 


If you have any further questions on shoe fit, please contact us in our Camp Hill boutique, online or via email. We are more than happy to help ensure you have all of your questions answered!

Petit Barcelona Size Guide





Getting the right fit!
Petit Barcelona shoe guide