Behind the brand

Petit Barcelona is a business that was born out of the sheer necessity to maintain our own deep family connections between our homes in Spain and Australia.

We stumbled upon the famous Menorcan shoemaker family in 2016, and thus a beautiful business relationship was born. From those first few pairs of shoes, to a partnership spanning 5 years, we are lucky to call each other family.

Petit Barcelona¬īs brand is built on the values we live when at home in Spain. Slow, local connections and quality over quantity.

We design a palette of earthy tone shoes the colours of the grand old olive trees, the terracotta tiles on the balcony of our terrace, the pebbled sand that covers the coastlines and the pristine white washed walls of our casa. The colours of the Mediterranean. The soul of our business. Colours that tie together our way of existing between two hemispheres, two cultures, two lives.

Lauren & Helios

Getting the right fit!
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