Made to meet demand


We believe in making only what is needed.
This season we are moving towards a more sustainable production system whereby we have both a smaller amount of shoes available in stock and a Preorder on demand option.

Meaning we handcraft only what is ordered. Doing this means we are avoiding overproduction and slowing down the fast fashion cycle, one shoe at a time.

How does it work:

1. If you see 'PREORDER' next to a size, place your order during the ordering timeframe. If your shoe size doesn't have PREORDER written beside it,
then it is in stock and ready for immediate delivery. 

 2. When the timeframe closes your shoes will be placed into production in our studio in Menorca, Spain.

 3. Approximately 4 weeks later your shoes will be delivered to you.

 There will be multiple Preorder windows available throughout the season.
This system enables us to better manage the amount of leather that we order,
the number of shoes we craft, the impact on the environment when shipping them to Australia and helping to cut waste. 


Petit Barcelona Shoe Size Guide