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Calling all Vintage Lovers
The hunt for one-of-a-kind shoes

For years I had eyed off the wall of unique rolls of leather in our shoemakers studio in Menorca, Spain. Every year, on our annual visit to design new shoe styles and collection, I walked past the wall of textured, braided, and spectacular one of a kind leathers. Each time, stopping to run my hand over the leather rolls. Dreaming of shoes I could make with each piece. 

These leathers had been made more than 50 years ago and had been quietly enjoying a retirement for nearly a half a decade. To my absolute delight, we were granted permission to use whatever pieces we wanted.

A total designers dream come true.

The Petit Barcelona Vintage Collection was born. 

 Petit Barcelona Vintage Leather Collection

The Safari Collection

We have now released 5 collections of our iconic flat and wedge Spanish Avarca sandals using various vintage leathers. From the first Navy braided collection which sold out in 3 minutes, to metallic braided wedges, tan and black weaved leather flats and now textured animal style printed leather flats. 

Each collection is a limited edition, and unable to be repeated. Our customers, lucky enough to secure a pair online or in our Brisbane store in Camp Hill, write to us telling us they are their all time favourite. A piece of art which they treasure.  

¨These shoes are simply divine. From craftsmanship to comfort they are completely faultless and the vintage leather is so very special¨ - Paula


Petit Barcelona Flat Avarcas Snake Leather Vintage Collection
Snake Box Calf Leather Vintage Safari Collection - Flat Avarcas


Petit Barcelona's 'Safari Collection' comes in three textured box calf leathers - Snake, Croc and Giraffe all in our popular Flat Avarcas. The colours are beige, chocolate and caramel. Suitable for all seasons, outfits and occasions. 


Petit Barcelona Flat Avarcas Giraffe Leather Vintage Safari Collection
Giraffe Box Calf Leather Vintage Safari Collection - Flat Avarcas

Whilst we adhere to our strict guidelines of manufacturing our Avarca Spanish sandals in their truest form, handmade, with Spanish leathers, soles and materials, in the old fashioned - small batch way. We have taken them one step further by using leathers that have been unused for nearly half a century. Leathers from our shoemakers studio which have now been given a new lease on life. 

Petit Barcelona Flat Avarcas Croc Leather Vintage Safari Collection
Croc Box Calf Leather Vintage Safari Collection - Flat Avarcas 

Which ever you choose this season, these one-of-a kind comfy flat Spanish sandals, will fast become your go to, everyday shoe, and might perhaps be the start of your new shoe obsession. 

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Petit Barcelona Vintage Flat Avarca Sandals Collection 

Images by: Maja at @TravelPalma https://travelpalma.net/

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