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Stylist Jenni Sellan Q&A with Petit Barcelona


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Get to know our resident stylist & PB Boutique Manager Jenni Sellan


What is your role at PB and tell us a bit about what you do? 

I’m in store on average two days a week; That entails of course customer service. Part of my role outside of that is to merchandise and style the space to keep it looking fresh and up to date when we release new products and run campaigns and create styling content for social media. I also work with Helios on product development.
Jenni Sellan Wearing Petit Barcelona Spanish Leather Avarcas

You also have your very own styling business @jennisellan. Why did you want to become a stylist and work in the fashion industry? 

Honestly I was at a point in my career where I was bored and quite disillusioned with the corporate space. I had always had an interest in the industry so I thought I would do something to satisfy the creative in me and enrolled in a styling course which I completed over a 12 month period. I originally thought I would focus on personal styling but quickly found myself drawn more to the industry side of fashion and now find myself working on campaigns, model portfolios, digital runway and TVC. I have also in the last 6 months created a model mother agency, @eveglobal which is focused on the nurture and development of models entering the industry which is something I am very passionate about. 


Jenni Sellan Styling Petit Barcelona


Who and what inspires you? 

Kindness, generosity and authenticity; I’m inspired by the men and women I know who understand what it is to have and go after a dream, who also at the same time are acutely aware of the gift of the present moment and don’t let it pass them by.

What will you be wearing this autumn / winter?

I’ve always been about creating a functional, classic and stylish wardrobe, so for me I will be looking for key pieces that really add value to my wardrobe; I’m loving the simplicity in the new season, the neutral tones and the relaxed tailoring. As far as PB’s go, I’m a flats girl all the way and I’m currently living in my White PB Flat Avarcas; they are a bit of a fresh take on “sneakers” and the perfect ’throw & go”.


Stylist Jenni Sellan Wearing Petit Barcelona Leopard Print Flat Avarca Sandals


What is your favourite way to unwind after a day of styling? 

Let's be honest, the reality when you have a family is that sometimes the unwind simply looks like grabbing an early night. When the universe is favouring me, ideally, in the summertime you’ll find me catching the last rays of sun,  going for a dip and sipping on my favourite champagne and in the winter, we are lucky enough to have an open fire.... it’s where you will find me with a good book or my favourite magazine... and more champagne.


Jenni Sellan Stylist


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