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Our flat Spanish Avarcas in Copper Gold Glitter are simply stunning.

These handmade Menorca sandals in copper gold glitter with a soft gold backstrap, are made of leather that is exclusive to Petit Barcelona and cannot be found elsewhere.

You’ll be reaching for these shoes on your happiest days, as well as your most challenging days, quite simply because they bring joy.

These are the Mummy shoe to our children’s sandal, ‘Emme’s Avarca’ - so why not match it up with your mini-me?

  • Upper: Genuine premium Spanish leather covered in glitter
  • Backstrap: Genuine premium Spanish box calf metallic leather
  • Lining: Natural leather
  • Sole: Recycled car tyre - caramel sole
  • Lightweight: Less than 500 grams
  • Authentic and original Avarcas de Menorca (certified by the Government of Menorca, Spain). Slow manufactured, handcrafted in small batches by a family of shoemakers in Menorca, Spain

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