Agnes Girls Avarcas | White

Size Guide

Introducing our beautiful and stylish new Agnès Shoes. A comfortable, lightweight mini platform espadrille with an adjustable ankle strap for growing little feet. This Spanish sandal is made with soft and supple White box calf leather for easy care and maintenance.  

Created by our daughter Agnès with our 94 year old grand shoemaker in Menorca, Spain. 20% of profits from these Spanish sandals will go to the Brainchild Foundation, to support children who are fighting brain and spinal tumours. 

  • Sizes: Children´s EU 24 - 34 (AUS 7 - JUNIOR 3) - please go by manufacturers centimetre guide for accurate sizing. 
  • Upper: Genuine Spanish box calf leather (soft)
  • Sole: Spanish jute and EVA 
  • Backstrap: Genuine Spanish box calf leather (soft) with adjustable velcro strap for easy wearing
  • Lining: High quality natural Spanish cowhide leather
  • Lightweight: Less than 100 grams


        Getting the right fit
        Petit Barcelona Fit Guide


        We often talk instore about the perfect fit. What we’re looking for, how it should feel, and how to overcome any niggly foot problems you may be having. 

        So, we asked Lauren, owner of Petit Barcelona, to sit down and answer a few questions that we’re asked regularly. Questions around fit, leathers and care of our sandals. 

        How do I find my size?

        The first thing you need to consider when buying a pair of Spanish sandals is the length of your foot. The length, not the width, of your foot will determine your size. We recommend you go with your standard size for normal flat soled shoes. For example if you are always a size 9 women´s then choose a women´s 9. If you are between sizes and have a wide foot choose a size up. 

        Womens avarcas shoe size guide Petit Barcelona Spanish Menorca Sandals
        Petit Barcelona Shoe Size Guide Children

        Does width matter?

        Our Spanish sandals are made from the highest quality Spanish leathers, and will gently soften and mould to the shape of your foot. This will happen whether you have a narrow foot or a wide foot. Our Avarcas will give only as much as they need to.

        Tip: to speed up this process you can wear them around the house with a pair of socks (or two!).

        While our Avarcas are made to a standard size some leathers will better suit narrow or wide feet. 


        My shoes have arrived and are feeling very snug, is this ok?

        It sure is! We want them to feel a little snug across the front of your foot! This is the part that will soften and mould to your foot with wear.

        If your feet are within the stitching on the insole of the shoe you have the right size. Long toes may peep through the front of the shoe, others may not. This is a normal variance.

        If the shoe feels a little snug but you’re not experiencing actual pain, you have the right size.


        The back straps are quite loose or won´t stay up. Is this the right fit?

        Your back straps should sit firm on your heels. They will naturally fall to the widest part of your heel as they wear in. They will at first feel like they might fall off, but they won´t completely. If your straps are gaping, or sliding up and down as you walk, but your length is fine, then our shoes are not the right fit for your heel shape.  

        Many people who can´t wear back straps normally, choose our Platform Avarcas or Wedge Espadrilles, as the incline of the shoe means that the back strap stays up higher than the Flat Avarcas. 


        Should my toes be visible or not?

        As all feet are different shapes, the length of your toes are too. Whether or not your toes are visible is not an indication that your shoes fit or not. We like to think that when you haven´t had a pedicure, our shoes hide a multitude of sins! 


        I don’t think I have the right size. What should I do?

        If your Spanish Avarcas are snug to the point of pain you may need to go up a size. If your foot is within the stitching but the back strap is falling, you may need to go down a size.

         Any further questions, please contact us via email at