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💓 PLEASE VOTE FOR ZOE ~ Most mothers are heroes to their children. Our team member Zoe Rehbein however, has taken that status to a level that most people are not strong or brave enough to reach.

Zoe is a proud mum to Emme, who was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis (NF) at 9 weeks old. Now five years old, Emme has a life-threatening tumour on her brain stem.

Despite having had to juggle her daughter's gruelling chemotherapy and multiple specialist appointments, Zoe has remained committed to advocating for the NF Community.

Zoe has been the reason and the driving force behind the creation and growth of our special Emme’s Shoes. She was instrumental in helping us win the Westfield Local Hero Award last year and is now a member of our PB team working in the shop and behind the scenes growing our business.

On top of her volunteer work with the Children's Tumour Foundation of Australia, Zoe has been a strong and empathetic advocate for families needing specialised support at the Queensland Children's Hospital. Due to the unpredictable and complex nature of NF, families consult multiple specialists, and Zoe's efforts have helped nurture a sense of belonging and inclusion within the QLD NF community, while also helping to improve access to community services.

If Zoe is successful, the CTF will use the $10,000 to create a new patient registry to help identify both adults and children who would benefit from clinical and support services, as well as future research initiatives.

Voting closes on September 14. Only 1 vote per email.


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