This is what brave looks like

 Emme´s Story.
´A new baby is like the beginning of all things. 
Wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities´. 
Eda J Leshan

9 weeks old and given a diagnosis of Neurofibromatosis Type 1. 
Emme´s family were devastated. 

A condition that causes tumours to form in the brain, 
spinal cord and nerves.
It is progressive and degenerative.
There is no cure.
Her diagnosis sparked intense grief, 
a sense of loss of hope, of future.

Two years later,
Emme was diagnosed with a tumour in her brainstem.
It´s inoperable, life threatening.
No effective treatment exists.

The grief is unbearable. 

In 2018, Emme began 14 devastating months of chemo.
Treatment has stabilised the tumour,
however the future remains incredibly uncertain.
Every day is a challenge.
Every day is a joy.

´Emme´s Shoes´ have been created to help keep that hope alive.

Profits from each shoe sold go towards
the charities that have been by Emme’s side throughout her journey.

Last year’s recipients were the amazing Children’s Tumour Foundation.
This year our support goes to the Brainchild Foundation -
a national not-for-profit charity that looks after
the families of children diagnosed with brain and spinal tumours.

Because we must look after our people, 
who have so kindly given so much to us. 

This is what BRAVE looks like.
This is Emme´s Story. 




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