Our shoes are designed and hand crafted by the well known family of artisan shoemakers, Torres, on the Spanish island of Menorca, in the Balearic Islands.  Helios, who has worked in the footwear industry in Barcelona for 20 years was introduced to the Torres family as the best shoemakers in Spain.  

The Torres family run one of the longest running shoe manufacturers on Menorca. Each pair of shoes passes through each member of the family through their creation. From cutting the leathers to sewing and boxing up the shoes bound for Australia.

Theirs attention to detail and passion is second to none. Their craftmanship so high that they are recognised as one of 10 shoe manufacturers in Menorca to be certified by the Menorcan Government to make and sell the original avarca sandals. 

Together we work with Torres family to design and produce the original Spanish leather avarca sandals as well as new styles exclusive to Petit Barcelona. We are currently working with them in the studio in Menorca, enjoying a more hands on approach to the process of shoe making. Living on the island has given us insight into the culture of shoemaking on the island and how life revolves around the balance of work and family life. 

Choosing leathers isn’t as simple as picking a leather from a colour swatch. It’s decades of knowing which companies supply the best, most durable and suitable leathers for the different styles of shoes. It’s understanding how those leathers breath and mould to your feet. It’s knowing a good leather from a cheap leather and it’s about knowing a good leather from an exceptional leather.

Each shoe has been designed to be worn with comfort and ease. We are proud to be making so many women happier, bringing them a little piece of our traditional Spain to Australia and beyond every day. 

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