Vintage Linen Bag | Tote in Blue



Our 100 year old handmade 100% linen bags are back! This season we´ve chosen a mix of the classics and the new collection from our friends in Spain, Govou Fabrics.

Made from a beautiful antique hand-woven hemp grain sack from Europe, the textile dates from the early 1900’s. Each linen´s strip represents a family emblem which was printed onto the grain sacks for identification when the grain came back from the mill. It has the original hand-sewn stitches of the grain-sack

Hand sewn in Ventalló, Spain by expert leather artisans, using the highest quality Spanish leather.  

  • Bag dimensions: Height 49cm x width 48cm 
  • Spanish leather strap in light tan.
    Strap dimensions: Depth from shoulder to bag (hanging length) 30cm   
  • Not lined 
  • Tassel.

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