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Have you heard the beautiful story of Emme’s Shoes? 


Our gorgeous little girls handmade Spanish Avarcas have a very special name and a very special purpose. They are Emme’s Shoe, created for and named after 5-year-old Emme - a courageous and beautiful little girl who is fighting a life-threatening brain tumour. Emme’s Shoes were first launched in 2019, with profits going towards the Children’s Tumour Foundation (CTF). 

Thanks to your incredible support we were able to donate close to $20,000 to the CTF from the sale of Emme’s Shoes, with an additional $10,000 won through the Westfield Local Hero program - a community program which recognises and rewards enrichment activities throughout the community.

Emme’s story, and Emme’s Shoes, have touched the hearts of so many people, and have sparked conversations of love and kindness throughout our PB family. They quickly became more than just a symbol of glittery gorgeousness; they became a symbol of hope, love and community.
And now we’re set to do it all again! You asked, and we’ve delivered!
Just in time for Spring/Summer, Emme’s shoes are set to arrive on our shores in the next few weeks! And here’s the super exciting bit – they will be available in 3 different glittery colours – the original Emme’s Rose Mocha Glitter, as well as Gold Glitter, and Green Glitter!  


Petit Barcelona Emmes Shoes Childrens avarcas in 3 glitter colours


Oh, my glittery goodness!!  
This year we are donating 20% of our proceeds from the sale of Emme’s Shoes to the wonderful charity Brainchild Foundation, who supported Emme and her family through the darkness of her chemo journey. You can read more about the work of the Brainchild Foundation here.
Emme’s Shoes will be available in-store and online from today but act quickly – these beautiful shoes will sell out before you can say pirouette!
With love and gratitude,
Lauren, Helios, and Zoe (Emme’s Mum) xx



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